People interested in buying a crane truck or hiring crane truck services should know that there are different types of crane trucks, and each has its applications. Before buying or hiring a crane, it is important to understand and evaluate the need. Crane Hire Services in Australia is expensive, and not all crane trucks can lift similar weight. For instance, a mid-sized crane truck can lift about 15 to 20 tones. Exceeding its lifting capacity can cause damage to the machinery and the surroundings. Therefore, it is important to learn about the types of crane trucks and their application before hiring.

Different Types of Crane Trucks:

There are various types of Crane Trucks Melbourne, but most are divided into four categories – rough terrain, all-terrain, truck mounted, and knuckle boom cranes. We will briefly explain each category and help you choose the right crane truck in Melbourne.

1. Rough Terrain Cranes:

Crane trucks specially designed for rough terrain have industrial tires and are bulky and huge. They are designed to work on the construction sites that are off the road. A rough terrain crane is ideal for transporting heavy equipment or loads on construction sites.

2. Truck Mounted Cranes:

Most truck cranes look like they are mounted on the truck, but not necessarily. A specific type of truck-mounted crane is the hydraulic crane with rubber wheels. The cranes are easy to move around and do a great stationary job.

3. All Terrain Truck Cranes:

All-terrain truck cranes can move across the mud, backroads, and highways. They have advanced suspension that makes it easier for the cranes to transport goods on any terrain easily. The all-train truck crane services the crane truck hire Melbourne providers offer are available for all construction sites.

4. Knuckle Boom:

The knuckle boom is highly flexible and can fold into smaller sizes. They can do medium to smaller tasks with ease. They are quite popular among people looking for crane hire Melbourne services. By now, you know the major categories of Crane Hire in Melbourne. Depending on your project type, you can utilize the crane or hire a crane truck. When hiring a truck crane service, always check the company’s credibility by seeking references and checking documents such as crane insurance and the operator’s contract. In addition, it is also advisable to consider the load before deploying a crane truck to prevent accidental damage.


The diverse array of crane trucks offers tailored solutions for various lifting and construction needs. Whether you require the reach of a boom truck or the mobility of a mobile crane, PaulX is your one stop solution. Different types of cranes and crane trucks empowers you to make informed choices for efficient and effective operations. Stay informed, choose wisely and elevate your lifting capabilities with the right crane truck for the job.